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Thursday, April 26, 2018

what? 50 what?

My honest mistake! Yet, it's really too funny, and stupid at the same time haha. So this is a story of my clumsy mistake.

This happened before my pregnancy. I've taken folic acid tablets regularly since months before the pregnancy to prepare my body for conception and afterwards, and continues of course during the pregnancy as well. You can look up the indications, side effects and other drug profiles online for more info.

So what happened was I was running out of my folic acid tabs supply, so I texted my friend who worked at the retail pharmacy to buy that for me, since she's already there. Plus she lives nearby not even close to 2 kilometers from my house, I can go to her house when she got back. Got staff's price some more hahaha.

When she arrived home, she said, "I already bought you 50 strips, it's all RM40".

What?! So expensive. 50 tablets already RM40? I almost started to curse that expensive premise. It's only folic acid, gosh, why mark up so much? It's only that tiny little tablet!

Wait, what? 50 strips? Did I just read strips? STRIPS?

My brain started counting on the imaginary calculator, 50 x 10 = 500 tablets!

You mean I just ordered 500 tablets of folic acid and why the heck would I need that much of folic acid? Even during pregnancy, you won't need that much of a supply!

Hahaha phewww. Thank god, it's only folic acid, not some bloody expensive insulin or whatnot. But 500 tablets? *puke*

"Omg Kiena, I think I just typo the order! I meant tablet. Tablet okayy. Not strips. I need 5 strips only!"

"Hahahaha. No wonder. It was weird why would you need that much. I forgot to ask back. Even my boss wondered why I bought 5 boxes of these".

"Hahahaha. Okay, it's okay. I'm coming over to your house in a few minutes. See you!".

But... The bigger problem is, how to tell my husband because I hate hearing lectures from him about my clumsiness. Okay, how to tell... *taps fingers to fingers*

Seeing him tired from work, there's some blood started to rush to my head, I felt cold on my hands already. I looked at Ameerul, he played with his phone, looking so calm. Alright, he shouldn't know what's going on. I've had enough lectures from him about my clumsiness and carelessness, so I think I don't need more at the moment.

So I casually muttered to myself, aware that he listened to me, "Omg, this can't be. I'm so dead". Drama a little bit.

Then he responded, "Why? What happened?"

"Umm, I typo-ed folic acid order. We got extras hundreds of tablets".

He looked calm, "Okay, it's okay. Let's collect them all tonight at Kiena's".

Disbelief. Okay, one problem solved. Another problem, how would I finish all these? Hahahaha.

I really have a lot of them, plus with the additional supply from hospital. So, every other night before sleeping, I shove one into my husband's mouth and starts advertising about how good folic acid is. Sure he buys me, because I said I learned this at school and "I'm your personal pharmacist, baby. Now open your mouth" sure melts him. Hahaha.

Still, I have a lot. Of course I can't just throw them off. So sayang even though it's cheap. Because I know how hard to make such tablets, plus I would feel so disgust to do that. I'm an integrated pharmacist, you know hahahaha!

Thank god, they expire on 2020. I have 2 years to finish them. Should I get pregnant again?

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