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Tuesday, April 24, 2018

first trimester

Since I'm still waiting for my housemanship, like forever waiting, so I really have plenty of time at home, just reading and researching more about pregnancy, preparing and just focus on this pregnancy, my first pregnancy ever! That I realize there's so many new things that I've actually learned! What to eat, what not to eat, what to do, what can't I do, etc..

Lucky for me,  now I have all time for me and the baby.

Unlucky for me, I have quite bad sickness.

Let me tell you about the continuous headache, days and nights! My head really feels like exploding. Stabbing feels right on my both eyes. The stiff neck. Especially when I try to change my position. The only time I don't suffer from headache is during my sleep time. Moments after I wake up, danggg.. another round of headache begins. Usually my headache will lasts for about 3 to 4 days before it stops temporarily. And continues the day after. Whatt?!

Ask my husband, ask my best friends. How many times I whine in a day, how clingy I am to them. I try with a safe dose of Panadol, but it still won't go away. My husband has been so patient that he will massage me until I throw up. He wipes my vomits. He pats me to vomit more. Sigh.. will you still be doing that for the next pregnancy? Hahaha.

And also I lost my appetite during the first trimester. I didn't really eat anything. I was so nauseous with rice. I would just say no to anything. But I really liked McDonald's so much. Dinner with double cheese burger every nights was okay. Then, instant noodles. Basically I craved for junk food. Sorry baby. Hope you're doing good. But I never missed my vitamins, don't worry!

So currently on my second trimester. And it has been great so far! I'm enjoying more now.

I've got my appetite back. I can eat anything now. Less headache so far. But just throwing up on the floor a few days ago hehe sorry. But I can feel that the bump is bigger now. I feel fat!

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