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Tuesday, November 28, 2017

you sure you were loyal?

Just now Ameerul and I had a dinner together. We just talked and talked to each other like usual, by usual I mean I talk the most. He doesn't really talk much whilst eating. While me, of course talking during eating will increase the appetite and make you eat more without you realize. That explained why I choked the other day hahaha then he lectured me.

Anyway. We just talked about random things then he stared at me, "Is this really Qistina that I approached 7 years back? And now you're my wife", emphasizing that how long that we've known each other and he just couldn't believe that we actually did it!

Awwwhh, he always does that. And everytime, I just melt away.

"Yeah, it's me that you chased and followed all the way to my lecture hall". He did. Such a psycho, no? Hahaha how could you secretly followed me and my friends without any of us realized him, just to give me a flower. I still kept the picture of that white rose by the way.

So we just continue talking then I asked, "Are you sure that you WERE really loyal?". I meant before we got married that we had a very (utterly) long-distanced relationship. Like how can you be loyal to me for 6 years, are you sure you didn't and never had anyone else? Right, past is past but of course the curious me wanted to dig all the secrets. Past is never past with me, get it?

Well, I didn't really know. He might be loyal. But of course I had doubt (I always have doubt, well, every woman was born with that character - having doubt hahaha even though sometimes I felt like he's talking the truth, but the FBI me will ask a lot of twisted questions as if he commits such big crime. Bad me.)

"Trust me, you can ask any of my friends. Ask them. I was so loyal that even people would question me the same, how can I be that loyal?"

Then he continued, "Now it sound funny, but you know with this good look of mine, cute face of mine, I had a lot of juniors fancied me. I just pull my macho face and pretended to act cool". He showed me how he did the macho face. *shakes head 180 degree*

Omg, now where would this conversation going? Now he's boasting about having fans? Haha. Whatt theee?

I just sat there, speechless. A part of me wanted to just smash that mouth and be jealous that why wasn't I be that junior?! Haha. But a big part of me just enjoyed the conversation and played along - that made me realize, how fun our teenage years were. So much fun. Of course we all once (or always) pulled the control ayu face and pretended to be polite so the cute guy there would notice you.

But because I didn't wanna lose, I replied "Well, I also had people like me and kirim salam and all, I have a cute face too!" Haha!

Because we both know that we WERE and ARE so loyal to each other that no matter where we went/go, there will be always us that can only occupied our each other's heart. Ok now, that's disgusting hahaha.

That macho face guy gave me this 7 years back during a go green campaign at our campus.

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