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Tuesday, September 12, 2017

clinical pharmacist

I'm officially a licensed clinical pharmacist. Unlicensed (need to go through 2-year housemanship period in order to be qualified as a pharmacist and get the license to practice pharmacy in Malaysia. Also, passing the pharmacy law exam as well. Sigh.)

Anyhow, that means I'm jobless now hahaha yeahh you know the queue for placement is long, so my turn would probably gonna take longer to arrive. It's okay but I'm so bored now, totally bored that I start to miss hospitals zzz nerd alert haha. 

Leave that for a while.

Because this entry is posted to celebrate my graduation! I'm finally graduated! For those who are close to me, or if you've been following my blog for so long (especially my long-term friends), you know how precious this means for me. 

So surreal. So overwhelmed.

I was so excited to end this. The moment I walked out of the exam hall right after Peadiatrics paper, which was the very final paper, my heart was filled with joy, unbelievable feeling. Relief. Excited. Happy. Nervous. Mixed feeling I could never be able to describe.

Yes waiting for the results was crazy. Never in my life I was this nervous. Because this is like the ultimate indicator ever, either you pass the whole program, or extend some more semester to complete the failed ones. I'd never failed any paper before, so this time half of me was quite sure I would passed as well, but you know anything could happen. What if this? What if that?

I couldn't keep calm. One minute, I'd be "omg I'm graduating lets celebrate", then another minutes, "Wait, did I answered right during drug information paper last time?".

Until they announced the result online, I checked immediately with the almost-exploded heart and sweaty palms. Running my eyes on all grades, pass, pass, therapeutics pass thank god, my heart kept beating so fast, kept checking, pass, oh cardio 80 marks so stingy, pass, yayy all 7 subjects I passed all. Can't believe it, that I am already a clinical pharmacist now. Just. Like. That.

Has it been 5 years already? Really?

Time surely flies. Faster than the bullets.

Yes, I've achieved one of my life goals. Surely I have many more plans in my head. It's okay, go slowly girl. After all, it teaches me that I shouldn't be afraid to do what I love. I'm not competing with others, because at the end what matters the most is me, myself.

Welcome home, clinical pharmacist Qistina.

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