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Sunday, August 13, 2017

Ramadan & Eid El-Fitr 2017

When we are about to celebrate Eid El-Adha. Haha sorry for the late post. I knowww, I should've tried to find a time, now that I procrastinate like this, I literally have so many things to update.

Right. So I spent the whole Ramadan in Egypt. It wasn't my first time, but it was my last time there. It was still good as it usual did. Ramadan in Egypt was never ever disappointing. Like I used to post before about how merry they would celebrate this holy month. So alive. With decoration and so. I didn't manage to buy the fanoos to bring it back home - cause I was on a tight budget but I bought a carpet and few more Egypt-y stuffs instead. Hahaha can't wait for them to arrive to Malaysia! Since I sent them via sea shipping from Egypt - gonna take months to arrive.

Anyhow, Ramadan goals checked. Even though in the middle of my final exam (yes, gonna make a special post about that weee I can't wait). But still, I managed to juggle both and even more! In term of ibadah and all. I am so gonna miss Ramadan in Egypt guysss, like so much! Not to mention the free ifhar that we, Malaysian students got haha. Definitely one of the sweetest moments abroad.

Then Eid was quite nice. Lonely a little bit. Not my first time away from my family, but my first time as a wife but my husband was working on 1st Syawal. We're both just raya through whatsapp haha but it was okay. 

My friends and I decided to make a match kurung for this raya. We took pictures around Zagazig, and that made me realized how much I was going to miss that foreign land. Sigh. 

Raya as a foreigner is sure different. A lot. 

The foreign feeling and all. But still, that's going to be my sweetest memories. *sheds tears*

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