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Saturday, February 4, 2017

winter break 2017

So, when I haven't done any winter break post since years ago (seriously, I've had the plans to blog about all of my winter break trips - which were awesome), I've just decided to blog about my current winter break. I am just so unorganized, sometimes haha.

Funny when I just posted about my so-called last departure to Egypt, now I go back to Malaysia again! I knowwwww, it's a very short break, but I insist making it longer by my own. Cause I'm the super senior there now that I only have one semester to go. *blows nails* hahahah.

I missed winter break in Egypt where I usually traveled around Egypt, playing tourist there with my not-so-fluent Arabic and the very cold weather there. My friends are having so much fun now discovering South Egypt part with the annoying hashtags ever haha. Guys, I wanted to join them! So bad!

But half of me wanted to come back to my husband's warm arms. Literally warm, since it's a year-long summer here hahaha. Plus, I have so much foods in my wishlist to eat. McDonald's prosperity burger is one of them cause I haven't eat it for 4 years now.

And there's so many things more to do this time too. My brother just got his first baby - my first niece. Which is of course, one of my exciting things ever happened in my life. Promise to blog about her.

Really, this time I'm so serious. Hahaha.


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