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Sunday, January 22, 2017

last autumn semester

Seems like I'm gonna post more on my 'last' things I do in Egypt now since I already have a few months left before I graduate.

Time really marches. Was it just yesterday I passed my 4th year final exam? Haha and now I only have one final paper left to end this semester. And my winter break starts (which I'm gonna spend it in Malaysia, Ameerul misses me so much guys hahaha). And there goes my very final spring semester afterward.

I was quite busy this semester. Really busy cause I started this sem quite late due to my long holiday in Malaysia haha I didn't start my classes on time, I cut a few classes at the first few weeks haha but don't worry I managed to catch up the syllabus. Plus it was a short semester, they crammed the midterm exams all at once. I barely able to breath! And of course, it gets tougher in final year!

Finished 7 papers now, only have 1 left.

Going back to Malaysia in 3 days! Someone's already excited hehehe.

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