Alya Qistina

Saturday, October 30, 2010

OH HI, I AM 20.

I reached 20 last Tuesday, October 26. I can't believe I've already passed 19 years back. I mean, it is a long way to go until I reach to the stage where I'm standing now. My life is hard, trust me. You'll never know what to feel to have a separated family.

I'm moving on, left the sad pieces of that and reborn with a compulsary smile on face no matter wherever I go, whatever comes in and whoever hell comes challenge me.

Being 20, oh yes I'm growing up and hello, I'm at the stage where I can seriously think about money, oily faces, boyfriend and study. Yes dear, it is harder.

The only thing about growing up is you'll have less time for friends. Thank God, I'm only 20 and still in studying atmosphere tho I'm doing my practical training and it is nothing to be compared to real working world. I mean, IT IS JUST SAME.

Thank Allah for still giving me the chance to breath in your fresh air, lending me all the complete organs, smart brain, and for still letting me live my life with lovely family and friends. I'm older and my responsibilities are tougher.

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