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Sunday, October 10, 2010

gila kerja. oh no, kerja gila.

Being attached to Outpatient Pharmacy Department for 3 months starting from last week until the end of this year. Oh God, my first day at OPD was really tired. I'd have to get fast as patient's waiting list is like chasing you and if you're about to late for just 30 minutes, the patients would kill you! Scare enough huh?

I need to move here and there since the drugs are located everywhere. When you receive a basket with a drug's slip, that drug slip will tell you all the drugs needed by the patient.

Lets say the patient needs to take Metoprolol 500mg, Paracetamol 500mg, Lovastatin 1g and some more drugs, you have to get to every place where the drugs are being located. Just imagine, you will receive 200++ baskets in a day and there are 10 drugs in each basket, and you need to get fast too. So tireddddd.

I have no time for myself, seriously. When I came back from the hospital at 5 pm, I'll just sleep and stop thinking about other works. ( Oh, I need to complete my proposal and send it to lecturer before their dateline; 15th October, plus a presentation in HUSM. Arghh ). And wake up at 10 pm. I really hate my life. I wonder if my life will continue like this for 3 months long. And yes, I missed my uni life somehow.

Way to go to hospital

Plus meeting and meeting and some more meeting. urghh.

And new shoe. :D

Help me finding the drugsssss! Have you heard isosorbide dinitrate? losartan? jetepar? esomeprazole? and bla bla bla.

Farhan. Mahsa student.

Muizzzzzz! :)

Ameerul keep complaining that I have no more time for him. Darling, I am so tired. I promise you by next 3 months this thing wont happen again. I mean, not until I jump into real working world. And Shushy too, my bestfriend who really loves to leave a phone miss calls. She too keeps complaining me for didn't ring her anymore. Busy sayang.

And when I'm writing this post, my both legs got cramp!

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