Alya Qistina

Monday, October 18, 2010

Perfectionist? No, I am not!

My days are filled up with works. Pity me? Oh please don't reader, cause works are still treating me nicely after all. Been having in a practical training needs me to complete the hospital attachment and the research proposal for the final presentation. We have to be in a group, we need to pick up the RIGHT topic, make papers from it, create a slides presentation and feel pressure from it. Did I tell you, I've got migraine from it? No, I didn't? Okay, I've got heavy-till-passing-out migraine.

* Nose longers suddenly*

Hehe, at least I do tell you, right smart readers?

Firstly, creating a group. DONE!

I have been in a group with two gentlemen. Why men? Because girls are taken! Not a good answer actually, but I'd rather work with these two guys compared to them. No girlfight at all, it is just that we can't get along that well. Plus, Shafiq and Izat were my classmates last time and we're close. That's it.

I clearly have no problem in dealing with boys, please don't be bias in gender issue. It is just a gender and it is just a work, you have to be professional, everybody is the same when it comes to work. Some of girls refuse to work with boys because for them, they'll look like a cheap girls. Hah? Why should be thinking that way?

Secondly, get the brilliant project tittle. DONE! We have found ours. I love the topic so much and I can't wait to make a presentation of it. *gulp*

Good for me, my teammates are seriously super-cool guys, funny, hillarious sometimes and crazy, alwaysss. We discussed in laugh while eating, jotted down the ideas in the middle of stupid jokes, and when the lecturers came up to our hospital for a pre-presentation, I guess both lecturers were in love with our proposal. Hehe. Yes, they didn't say I love your work, I love your work, I love your work, I know. But with a simple very-good-work-well-done-I-like-it-you-have-potential, I know l'll keep this proposal with me in my sleep, hug it every night like it brings me happiness and light in darkness. Haha, don't euwww me!

Thirdly, work work work!

For all that I have been surrounded by the cream of working world, there's no more important than completing your work and make sure the perfectness of it.

Fourthly, make the best of it.

Fifthly, stay professional and cool.

Works are still on. Many things to be settled up. Too much tiredness to overcome, with a little time.

Always be nice to your work, make it work perfectly-well and trust me, they will always be nice to you.

Wish me luck.