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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy 20th Birthday Qistina

Jam 6.45 pagi, handphone berbunyi, a call from,


"Hello Baby, happy birthday ( shouting ), hey tak respon pun, happy birthday ( shouting again ), bangun cepat, pergi mandi, kita breakfast sama-sama, 30 minit lagi Papa tunggu depan rumah Kakak".

*Oh, wait. Did somebody just shouting at me? I bet he wished my birthday. Oh true, he's my dad. By the way, I'm not baby anymore, I've reached 20 since 12 am last night. Nevermind. Tidur balik*

Oh no, tak boleh sambung tidur. Nanti Papa akan complaint punctuality saya. Okay, mandi dan breakfast bersama Papa tercinta.

Text message from Mama,

Selamat Hari Jadi Yang ke 20. Nanti Kakak balik rumah Mama buat kek chocolate ya.

Text message from Ameerul,

Selamat hari lahir sayang. May Allah bless you. Thanks for everything yea. Its gonna get harder each and everyday but so let me say that I love you. You're my dream ever. I pray that our love will last forever. Amin. I love you Qisstina. Good night. :)
Your love, Ameerul Ashraf Awalludin.

Oh my God, they are sooooooo sweet, aren't they? And Ameerul is the only one who spells my name with double S, though I've told him for thousands times and he knows he's wrong. I didn't even seen my name's being spelled that way before.

Kerja as usual, Happy Birthday-bila-nak-belanja di mana-mana. Terima kasih semuanya. :)

Text message bila-bila masa. Semuanya Happy Birthday juga. Terima kasih tidak terhingga.

Dari blogger tersayang, Wany Bunny, Chiquita Ficha, Shushy and Zafirah.

Di Facebook juga, Shushy Ynunie, Ibtisam Mushriff, Chenta Fatin and 398 others wrote on your wall. Thank you so much buddies. You guys were really light up my big day.

Sambutan di our own page, Dolls juga sangat mengharukan. Thanks, I've lost my words.

When I reached home last Thursday, hehe, tadaa, surprise choc cake by Mama and Faris.

Thank you so much for all those wishes. I really appreciate it. Thanks for making up my life. I HEART YOU.

p/s: The best part, my big brother didn't even wished my birthday. He sent his regard through my future sis-in-law Kak Hafizah instead who called me for a birthday wish. Thank you Akak, tell him, ganti hadiah lahh!

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