Alya Qistina

Wednesday, January 25, 2012


I was playing a game online and I registered under a username 'Qissy'.

My mum was sitting next to me and she wanted to teach me how to play that game because she used to play it like thousand times before and she thought that she knew all the answers.

She was like, "Qissy? Qissy?". Making her face. Then she continued, "You know your name, Qistina is a favourite name of a genie. It's your dad who gave you your name. Not me."

And I said, "Qistina is okay. It's just a name. It's all about us who shape our attitude".

Mama said, "If I were about to give you a name, I would name you Sarah".

Me, "Sarah?"

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  1. sarah is also good for u qist, i have one friend named sarah n she's also petite like u :)