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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Studio Apartment

Last time when we went to Ikea, we spotted this very incredible bed.

Incredible, at least for Ameerul. You know what, I think people with soft skills tend to see things differently. He saw this bed as an awesome bed, he even impressed by the design. I don't know which part that impressed him the most. Wood, maybe. Height, maybe. Colour, maybe. Oh yes, I've never told you, Ameerul actually has an impressive soft skill. He loves drawing and designing. And I think he does that amazingly well.

He designed a T shirt for me once for my birthday and it's cute. (Once. But I want more).

But yes, I admit that it was awesome. I mean the bed above. Creative and cool. I love how it has a broad space under it. So cool. You can put anything under it.

You know what, Ameerul was dreaming to buy this bed when he get married soon. He wanted to put a telly and a small sofa under the bed and a romantic lamp besides it. Imagination got him insane.

So I asked him, how can he still buy this bed when you're marrying? What if your wife gets pregnant and do you expect her to climb on it? You cruel.

And what if I'm going to be your wife?

He replied, I'll carry her up.


Always came up with a lot of excuses!

Personally, I love this bed too. It's just cool. I love how they can be so creative to innovate this! Love!

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  1. OMG, I love this bed too! I've always wanted this since forever! Definitely nak buat dekat my new rumah sewa :) InsyaAllah.