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Saturday, January 28, 2012

Those things that I missed.

1. Watching Gol & Gincu and Pisau Cukur 2 to 3 times in a day without bored. Remembering those lines and mocking what Fazura said!

2. Ate at this Thai's stall in Penang and they had such mountain of rice and we won't be able to finish it, every time we had it. And the best part was, they had a delivery service but that's only valid for us, the housemates. Cool much, huh? And they left a piece of paper written their phone numbers. Funny!

3. This is weird. But during my school days, we used to shower ourselves with air pili bomba whenever we had water supply problem. Such an euwww but that's fun. We were kind of dancing in a rain. You see, I lived in a hostel and I studied in all-girls school. We girls ruled the school, like a boss, really. Haha.

4. Having a make up session with my ex housemates. We make up each other, trying out our new clothes, taking picture as though we were models of magazines and laughing when we looked at it together again.

5. Created our own cinemas. Downloaded the latest movies and watched them together on the laptop in the dark. Hugged our pillows and ate our favourite snacks. Super wow.

6. Playing kite on a wide clean field in front of Queensbay Penang with Ameerul.

7. Stayed up late at night just to make a revision and memorized how antibiotics works. I used to study up until 6 am and woke up again at 8 am to sit for a final exam paper. Kepala weng!

8. BBQ time with my ex coursemate. Loads of pictures were taken. Lots of chickens were eaten.

9. Eating McDonald's every 2 days just to gain my weight and ended up with some lecture by my Pharmacy friends. Like, "It has too much cholesterol". "This will affect you in your old time". "Blood pressure will increase then". "You will suffer from hyperlipidemia". Gosh, that was so Pharmacy!

10. Those sleepovers! Those pillow talks. Those gossip girls.

11. Sneaked out during lectures and went to surau to sleep. Especially during inviting lecturers session. Gosh, so bored. I skipped the class and went lunch with Ameerul then. That was much fun and better. I mean, at least I passed the paper.

12. Blogwalking with my blogger buddies and couldn't help giggling out when reading others' blogs. We're acting shit right? As if our blogs are good. But never mind. We're just did it for fun.

13. Char kuey teow Penang. Oh my god, that was unforgettable.

14. High school moments when our class ended and our class representative asked us to stand up and thanks the teacher by saying, "You are the best teacher" out loud and that was followed by the whole class. The teacher was just smirked and went out. And we slept back! Zzz.

15. I was not a good student during high school. My friends and I stole baskets of fruits at the school's garden and we were being chased by our discipline teacher. I'd always hope she won't never remember my face, at least until I finish my school.

16. Still counting...

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