Alya Qistina

Tuesday, January 17, 2012


Look, our annually treat has came. And it's going to last soon.

Tell me, who could deny the taste of yummy beef flooded with hot black pepper sauce and the taste of crunchy curly fries? Tell me, are you blind enough to see how wonderful is this meal just to serve us the best? It is a God's gift you see.

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I'm addicted to it. The feeling is like you get what you're waiting for a year and now that it has came, there's no way for me to ignore its existence.

This. Beef, yes. So alluring.

And this too! My god, how I love this Milo Supreme McFlurry. Cold and sweet. How it melts in your mouth. And the cold feeling when it's going down your throat. It makes you freeze.

But now that they have discontinued the production of this McFlurry and that is just an agony!

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  1. hoi. keje makan je cik kecik ni

    by the way, have a blast day doll <3