Alya Qistina

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Medical term

Everyone around me should enroll themselves in Pharmacy. Really.

Honestly, I talk about pharmacy every day. Every day. I always share a lot about my work to Ameerul and Shushy. I tell them everything. Work, colleagues, work flow, drugs, errors and whatsoever.

I'm not sure if they do understand what I'm saying, but they seem to. They replying my talk with silences and go like, "Oh, em, then?"

And now they seem to be familiar with some medical terms! Gosh. Blame me, I'm influencing engineering students to be nerd!

Now they're telling me some terms like, medication errors, antibiotic resistance, dispensing medication, key-in charges, patients refused.

Haha, it's so funny then.

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