Alya Qistina

Friday, January 27, 2012

Where the heart is

If you come to my house, I warn you, please don't get yourself shock seeing our messy house but seeing our so called lawn is in an opposite condition.

If you know my mum, she's so addicted to gardening. She planted variety kinds of flowers and trust me, she also has serai, pokok daun kari, limau kasturi and whatsoever. I don't recognize those plants. Thank you.

This one. Spot the small cottage there. You know what is that for? We used to have more than 11 rabbits before and we built this just to place them. It's comfortable for the rabbits. And now some of them had died and we sold some.

My mum's favourite place.

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  1. rajin sungguh mama. bila lah Qissy nak rajin flowering mcm mama die. hehehee!