Alya Qistina

Friday, July 23, 2010

hey, they're just the numbers, don't they?

Someone had came to me and he asked me about my date of birthday. He did some calculation regarding on that few digits. Okay then, I was looking at him without any blink of my both eyes. Hey guy, I felt kinda weird on you, but then he looked at me with his puppy-eyed and he said,

"Qist, you know what, you are lucky to be born in such nice social environment. Your birthday's date represent the numbers of 3, 1, 6 and 9, which means, you have a very great social relationship with others, you know how to act in certain situations, you can get along easily with others. Number 1 means, you sometimes can be so quiet, which you know when to act loud and be calm in any needed situation. Number 6, okay, you are such a loyal person. You live with honesty. But dear, remember, you have number 9, which not good at all. You sometimes can be so fierce and you seem to get mad easily. Hot tempered and you tend to shout at people. That's dangerous. You are lucky to have number 3 but dear, please beware because you still have 9 in your number list."

Then, he continued,

"I looked at your both palms, they are quite big in size. Compared to your small baby face sized, they don't suit you that well. You know what, you will get marry on your late age, maybe in 30 something, you're probably still single."

Okay, like seriously, I'd really have no idea about that. Clueless and shocked, of course.


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