Alya Qistina

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

new roomate, new friend

Would you share a room with a stranger? I mean, you don't even know her, ( oh too bad, no, i mean, thank God, its a girl ), you have no idea where on earth is she come from, what is her past history, okay history doesn't matter much, but would you sleep under the same roof with a girl you don't even know?

Or specifically, would you change your cloth in front of a person you just know for not more than a day?

I would say no but I have to. Having my practical attachment to HUSM needs me to stay nearer so it will be easier for me, actually I told my parents I want to stay near to the hospital so I could go there easily and my papa doesn't needs to send and fetch me everyday. Poor papa. But the thing is actually, I hate to wake up early. The last thing I want to do every morning is to wake up and of course I won't let Orix sleeping alone. *wink the left eye*

Back to the main topic, I just knew her. I should be happy for having a new roomate. Yeay oh yeay. Oh fake much, isn't it? Sometimes, it's better to stay alone rather than having a stranger as a partner. Awkward!

When I told my parent, I would have a new roomate, my papa, as usual, "Is she okay? Where'd she study? Where does she live? What's her parents doing?"

And of course, " You should be careful, take good care of your own stuff. Don't let your cupboard unlocked. Don't go to any weird places with her. Or did she just escaped from her house? You better be careful. Girls today are bla bla bla"

Hehe. That's the funny side of papa. He cares about me in his own way.

I have no problem in sharing a room with my new roomate. The thing goes smoothly and everything is just so okay so far.

Hello my new roomate. :D


  1. weh sape weh? dak usm ke? ehehe
    hati2 weh :p

  2. Haha Elly! nak jadi papa aku jugak ke?
    Dia kerja. :D