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Sunday, December 2, 2012


Well December, I just need to welcome you. Time has a funny way to fly without us realizing it. So fast, I mean so fast that I can still remember how fine I was doing my diploma years. How fun my working life was, how happy I was in the early weeks in Egypt. Finally, the end of the 2012. No, that's not my point.

It's December guys. My final exams month. Really freak me out. Life indicator guys, life indicator.

And speaking about December, it is winter in Egypt. Oh my, my skin is never as thick as what it is now. Very funny, I'm shivering almost all the times. (Just reasons to buy myself new winter clothes collections, zzz).This is only Egypt man! But I loveee the weather, very cold, calm and my bed suddenly becomes my most comfortable place on earth.

December has just began. So good luck. :)

And I'm still trying to reduce my blood glucose level. Wish me luck.

#DecemberWish just fruits, fruits, fruits.

p/s: Happy 28th month anniversary, my favourite man.

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