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Thursday, January 24, 2013

New year resolutions

Nah, forget it. I'd broke them already.

But wait, I know we should have these missions or they call it wishlist for 2013. So basically, we are going to try so hard to fulfill these aims. And I'm no exception. I want 2013 to be better than I had on 2012.

 2012 was the best. I've resigned from work for good, I came to Egypt, I made new friends and I learn how to be more independent (I mean, I tried to manage my money well, cause I couldn't simply do something crazy with my money anymore since my dad and I are now sharing the joint bank account. My dad will receive a text message regarding the money flow and I'm in a trap. Haha).

(I remember my conversation with my dad few weeks ago telling me to manage my money well and be discipline. Ay ay dad!)

But well, that's the challenge. I hope 2013 will help me doing some money saving. But Zara, H&M and Esprit did some sales off and I accidentally broke my promise. Okay, I'm sorry. Uncontrolled action.

And, attitude. I must change something about this too. My punctuality. I know it when I say 4 pm, I will only go out at 5 pm. Awful, I know. I need to be more discipline and 2013 will help me be better in time.

People can change guys. So, why go too fast on judgement?

I believe everyday is always a new beginning of something. It doesn't mean that you're fail when you can't achieve something. Life is full of surprise and it's a miracle. Nothing is impossible cause Allah created this with reasons. The key is to try, honesty and tawakkal. Allah will help you in that.

And my new year wishlist is to be a better person (so random!), a better muslimah, a better daughter, a better student, a better friend and whatever that I'll do, I'll do it earnestly (including shopping. Well, I have few wishlists over new handbag and shades, well to prove you that I'll be so much determined into this - but all that I've got to do is saving some money and discipline).

Remember guys, the beginning is always the hardest. Keep calm and try and tawakkal. :)

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