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Thursday, January 31, 2013

Exam results

Just by reading the tittle, I suddenly got heavy goosebumps. 


Life indicator guys. 

I must be frank, I once got Dean Award when I was studying diploma and dad's response was, "Are you sure? Go double check". I said, "Already double check". Dad, "Oh okay".

See, I was a lil bit playful back then. Nobody can expect  me to be like my elder brother. He was once failed getting Dean Award. Once guys, once. And me only once getting Dean Award. Funny.

But now I'm doing a degree, it must be a new beginning to all of this. New spirit, new aims yada yada yada. So my semester 1 result  is out! Freak me out to death, I swear I went to the toilet more often. My heart's thumping crazily like it wouldn't want to stop. And all I've could ever think is my dad. 

Or excuses to him.

Well, Alhamdullillah, my result is okay. I don't get Mumtaz. Mumtaz is when you score 3.9 and above or let's say 4 flat la. But still, 3 pointer and above, I've maintained that since my diploma year. I must be thankful I know though this is not what I want and this is actually a lil bit disappointing. I must be thankful la after all. Allah has written this nicely for me, who knows good thing is waiting for me.

Sigh, very very nice muhasabah session I've had.

And it was such a relief that Dad was happy with this, he even calmed me down (cause I cried, they say, crying is a woman's weapon, so I used that), which was rare. Usually after getting my result, I'll be the one who comforting him, saying I'll do better in my next exams bla bla bla, such a manifesto one I tell you, but this time was different, my dad comforted me instead.

And after all, Alhamdulillah. 

It was quite scary actually. In order to pass a paper, you need to score 60 marks above. Crazy, right? And if you get 85 marks, you only  score A-. If you wanna get a solid A, you need 90 marks and above. Of course, this is difficult. 

But why some people are still manage to get A? Nothing is impossible. *self-motivated

And of course, I won't telling you my pointer, I won't embarrassed myself then. Hahaha.

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  1. haha nice weapon though! congratulations.. a good start.. :D i hope u will do better and better. take care over there, may Allah ease.