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Friday, February 1, 2013

Scary leaf

I was taking a subject called Botany last semester, basically I learned about plants, just like its name. Boring, I know. But sometimes it could be exciting especially when we had a lab session. Fun! Very.

We had to study about every inch of the leaf, examined under the microscope about the parts of a leaf to the very core. Determined which one is xylem, phloem bla bla bla.

This was what I made.

Spirited leaf, Ha Ha Ha.  (This was a Senna leaf)

This was true. Of course, I won't make up any story haha. You can see there's something like a scary face in it. This was a transverse section of a leaf. Cut the leaf according to the right procedure, drop some chemicals and put it under a microscope - and you can see a scary face smiling at you. 

Those pink curves were the cells called collenchyma, I took forever to memorize this. And the eye-like things were the phloems, you learned it in Science. And the teeth are xylems. Amazing, right?

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