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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

So close

I am really sorry if this post comes as a complaint but I don't really mean that actually, yet, honestly I don't mind if this post looks a lil bit like a rebuke or a reprimand or something, but yes yes yes I'm about to admonish about this

.. which I, myself was a little bit speechless too. I found this harsh, like you went into the shop and found a bag which had the same exact pattern like a blouse that you wore? As a customer, I felt so offensive. I mean how on earth do people have ever think of making a bag out of cloth scraps? How awful.

Few things to clarify. First, this was a designer cloth. It's a world wide company. I was expecting something like a special edition of it, cloth will only be cloth. Same goes to trousers. Unless they are planning to make them as a pair. Well, of course, sport suits are excepted. There's no such thing like a floral blouse with a floral bag. Ahh how disappointing.

Second, of course, you wouldn't wanna be looked like a fool wearing a blouse and having another people bringing those bags and accidentally meet up by any chance. Or maybe someone comes and tells you, "I saw a bag, just like your blouse".

(I experienced this. One year ago, I was wearing ThePopLook dress, wandering around the mall and I saw a girl wore the dress too, exactly like mine, green colour. I knew she noticed mine but we were pretending to not seeing each other, but I saw her boyfriend laughing and whispering into her ears while looking to my dress. My aunt laughed so hard too, sigh. But this was forgiven. It's a dress).

Third, it's about satisfaction. You spent 200LE for a blouse and guess what, you're getting your blouse a resemble set of fabric-material-bag? Tell me, are you really going to wear them together? To the park enjoying the spring, maybe? Funny, not.


Well, of course, I'm not going to bring this up to their customer services (like I always do to Celcom, RHB Bank and some public transportation companies), it's not that I'd like to complain or something, but apparently we have a right. I believe every companies have their own targets in satisfying their customers. If they don't do their things right, I don't think it's a wrong to make some complaints or suggestions, so they will improve.

Trust me, good companies will take their customers seriously. Of course, customers are like money to them.

So yeah, I'm still wearing the blouse.

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