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Sunday, February 24, 2013

Floral pant

I still have the obsession towards floral printed pant.

And I have spotted this

Beautiful! I almost fainted. The moment I grabbed this, I thought myself as a lady with a great luck, like God has chosen you to be in such perfect situation, He met you with such great invention. You were selected!

"Oh my, I have to have this", I run my hands on it with a broad smile.

I showed this pant to my friends, and they were like,

"Are really going to buy this?"

"Hm, it would be nice if it's in the other colour".

"Where are going to wear this to? School?"

My response was, "Why? I think it's beautiful, perfect!"


Fine! I was not buying this. 3 against 1, I lost!

Out of 4 people, only 1 agree with this pant, that's me, and if I wear this to school with the ratio of 1:3, only 1/3 of the students are going to love my pant and the other will just maybe laugh over it!


That's the reason why I haven't even own one floral printed pant.

This makes me miss Malaysia. Gosh!

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