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Monday, January 28, 2013

Wear them all

Coming back from Cairo for couple of days there, I still need my heater to function on its high temperature, socks, blanket and a cardigan. Cause Zagazig is still cold. Am shaking while writing you this hehe. No kidding. Cairo wasn't this cold, I swear. I slept with short sleeved shirts with no socks, sharing blanket with Ain but I was totally okay. I mean, I took bath at 2 am. Hot shower, of course haha.

Well, I told Ameerul about this.

Me: It is so cold here. I feel like hiding under this mattress.

Him: I thought you're going to Cairo to buy a blanket. You didn't buy, right?

(Okay, there's this one thick blanket, specially design for winter season. It helps to keep you warm, very comfortable. The moment you immerse yourself in that, you'll feel like you just don't want to wake up. But I still don't have any. I said, I wanna buy it in Cairo, so all these while, I'm sleeping with my only half-inched blanket that I bring from Malaysia (it's quite thick, heat-absorbed material too, don't worry), socks and cardigan - but I can take it).

Me: Well, hm, no.

Him: I knew it! So what did you buy? Clothes? Wear them all then. How many of them? Six? Wear all those six.

I can't help but laughing instead.

Me: How could you let me die in coldness?

Him: Serve you right, shopaholic!

Me:  Urghhh.


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