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Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Electric source

I'd got into a fight with Ameerul few days ago. Not my fault, but he thought it wasn't his fault too. But we kept fighting (that's normal for us), and he fell asleep without saying anything. It was still early in Egypt so I was still up, feeling rather mad and couldn't help but keep saying in my head, "I hate you".

Hahahaha. Immatureeeee! Boo.

So the next day, no good morning text, no "Are you up?" text message, no "Be good" text message, no nothing, neither from me nor him.

But his last seen on Whatsapp was something. I thought "Awhh he's completely forgetting me, I'm no longer important in his life".

I'd always wanna text him first, but my pride said not to. My ego too. They're shaping me to be this hard haha which is not good actually. Well, this is our major problem. He keep complaining that my ego is the worst, even he himself as a guy, he knows how to tolerate his ego. Awhh, always make me feel bad. 

So, I texted him first. Nooo, I wasn't lowering any ego or anything, I just feel the need to make this less tense. In fact, I know he must be missing me hahaha. (Truth: I missed him. And I was so curious to know - where were you this whole day? Are you really happy forgetting me?)

He texted me back, coldly. Replied shortly and I can felt, he's not happy. He's sulking!

I asked him to be on Skype. After some times, we were okay and started cracking up some jokes. But I laughed the hardest. He's still being cold. -__-

He showed me something. 

He just bought himself a powerbank. Then he showed me another powerbank. He said, "This is for you."


He showed me 2 thumbdrives, the pink one is for me, the blue one is him.

I felt really bad when I was mad for him for the whole day. I kept cursing on my phone for not popping out his messages. While he was being busy attending the classes and searching these for me. 

He coldly said this, "Come back here quickly so you can have this. Remember, I don't want to hear anything bad from you. Once you have this, make sure your phone is always on so you can text me", without any smile.

Hahaha. But I feel bad, so I started to cry. He said nothing.



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