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Saturday, March 21, 2015


Hahaha I can't believe I just abandoned you, my dear blog. It was last year since we've been together. Last year, I repeat. So I guess there should be a lot to tell you. But actually, nothing much has happened within these 4 months.

You know, same routine as before. I am still a student okay. And now a degree student, so much pressure, so much stress. Somehow I missed how the things used to be during my diploma years. What made it so so precious to me was that bunch of silly friends that sincerely stuck with me through my ups and downs, like literally!

And Alhamdulillah, things are still going on well between us all, though some said distance might kills us. Thank Allah, I don't know how we do this, but we are still the old us. Same jokes, same laughter, same hateful fights, same stupid nicknames.

Sometimes, I ponder how blessed my life is with these people. And Dolls too. They aren't any single people on earth that can even replace them. Even the slightest. I know it's almost impossible to find a friend who would take you as you are, who you can be really silly with, you can just be yourself, cause they won't judge. Simply because they don't want to judge. Cause they are the same too! Hahaha. But these people, I don't know what I did that Allah has been so generous to send them to me.

Distance doesn't really kill us, but we still missed few gossips!

So now we make most of technology by make it mandatory for everyone of us to send a selfie on our WhatsApp group. With hashtag #selfiehariini. So annoying right. So basically I woke up by seeing their selfies. Very cheap ah you guys hahaha.

Anyhow, this is my life. This is my precious friendship. I'm looking forward to seeing their selfies 50 years from now. With wrinkles. Hahaha. 

I used to own hundreds pictures of us during our old days. So whenever I feel like missing them/the moments, I would go flipping through our pictures and started to tersengih like kepah hahah. Now, bye bye my lappy just crashed. Pictures disappear. But memories don't! 

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