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Saturday, October 25, 2014


The best part of departure is when everybody gathers to send you off at the airport cause you'll be away from them for months long. It may be sad, cause we know we won't be able to see each other for so long and the fact that me leaving them is kind of sad.

Which I mean, of course they will miss my presence hehehe.

 And in my case, I would normally traveled from Kota Bharu to KLIA. Then KLIA to Cairo. Which for me was kind of tiring. I love to travel but I dislike sitting for hours in a plane doing nothing. (Normally I'll just watch some movies and sleep and wake up to eat, I rarely go to the lavatory cause I don't really feel like doing so. If I have to pray, I'll just perform tayammum first).

And my departure recently was pretty much memorable. 

Salam and kiss my mom, and said goodbye. Mom's pretty cool about this. 

Dad and lil brother sent me off to Sultan Ismail Petra (KB) Airport. Usually dad would traveled together with me to KLIA. But not this time. That moment when I was about to get into the departure hall, there he went hugging me, held me tightly to his chest, whispered some advice. *hold back tears*


So I was all alone to KLIA.

My big brother, nenek and atuk were at KLIA for me. And so did Ameerul and his friends. 

I may looked tough but I just couldn't stand people being too nice to me as if I didn't deserve it. When mak (nenek) hugged me so tight and telling me to take a good care of myself and be strong and so on, nahhhh stay cool okay Qissy, stay cool. Haha.

When atuk gave me some advice, ah I just couldn't, just whatsapp me your advice atuk.

When my family and friends texted me goodbye. When Ameerul said nothing but just stared at me with his puppy eyes. I couldn't stand this.

I was pretty sad too. But well life must go on. In fact, it's only a year. And of course, I'll be going back to Malaysia again next year. Why so sad? *psychology mannn*

So goodbye Malaysia. I'll definitely going to get back to you pretty soon.  :)

(At Hamad International Aiport, Qatar during transfer)

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