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Friday, October 24, 2014

Dental spa

I have a love-hate relationship with a dental clinic. I dislike seeking dentist for treatment. I hate the sound of dental machines which makes you feel like clenching you teeth tightly and the painful interaction of your teeth and the machines (or whatever they're being called).

And to make it worst, I actually have such ugly teeth. Holes here and there, disoriented, overlapping tooth, rotating tooth, gap between each others and so on hahaha which makes me dislike dental clinic even more. 

But I really need to do something with these. I come to a realization that my teeth must be treated.

So okay, when the dentist examined my teeth, he laughed! Simply because I had so many teeth to be repaired off and he might be rich just by treating me haha. 

I started to know few dental terms; extraction, traumatized gum, root canal treatment (which I experienced one and gonna need one more RCT sooner), ortho treatment and so on.

Of course I asked for anesthetics for every treatment I was about to undergo. (Not necessary for filling process actually, but I insisted on taking that). It wasn't that painful, but I could still sense the pressure. When the dentist trying hard to pull my tooth out during this one extraction process, he pushed my head downward and digging my gum to search for the teeth. I was terrified! I couldn't clench my teeth but I grabbed the chair so tight just to bear the pain. 

RCT for me was just okay. He gave you a shot of anesthesia. But the process was quite long. Bless you cheek muscles for bearing that that long.

Another story, I did my extraction for my embedded tooth. So the dentist had to cut my gum to take it out. Basically, it was a minor surgery. Well, for a record, that was my very first surgery haha I would never imagined it would be here in Egypt. I was on anesthetics so I couldn't feel anything but the pressure. But my friend Umai witnessed everything the dentist did. She said that my blood just pouring down the gum and maybe that's when I heard the dentist repeatedly asking his assistant for suction. 

And so my gum was in traumatized and I sensed such painful post-operative effect. My cheek had swollen for 3 days and being a laugh stock to Ameerul and my other friends. Never ever in my life I had such tragic surgery hahaha. 

Well I still have a few appointments more to go. 

And when I think about how painful they're, I would just self meditate myself that, "It's okay. Let's just think of it as dental spa"


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