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Friday, June 10, 2016

Dear Past Me

Dear Past Me,

I've received your letter 5 years ago. Thanks for the effort to write and for the high dreams you had on me hahaha. Don't be surprised about what you are going to read now.

To be honest, the current me isn't that much differ to the past me. Just that, I'm getting better than you (a good thing right?). I'm not a pharmacist yet, but I'm turning into one. I'm doing my degree in Clinical Pharmacy in Egypt now. I know! You'd never had a slightest thought of me going far to Egypt. Never ever in your plan. But this is how life rolls. Allah has sent me here, with reasons. And Alhamdulillah for that. I'm happy here.

I've spent almost 4 years here, I'm truly blessed. I've learnt so many things, I get to know the real meaning of life. I feel closer to what we should do in life. My aim was only to become a pharmacist. But it gets so different now, I think being a good Muslim is all that matters the most. Speaking of studies, I think I am just you. Who still stays up late for the last minute revision, I am still the same me hahaha but still having the same aim to become what I've really liked; pharmacist.

(Is it possible for someone to become this loyal? Damn, I must be so weird hahaha).

Family is still the same. I got a sister in law now who is expecting for her first. I'm so excited! Dad is the most excited one, of course. Because he's getting old (taking antihypercholesterolemia now zzz I lectured him about this already don't worry) that he can't really wait to have his first grandchild. He already has his favourite names to give to our first newborn. He would selfies with any of our cousin's children and sends the pictures to our Whatsapp group just to say that "our time is next" hahaha. So exciting. Mum is mum, never change, she's pretty cool about this.

And as me, I'm not married yet. If the plan goes well, it'll be at the end of this year, if Allah wills. I'm gonna blog about this real soon. So maybe in the next letter, you are going to read more about my marriage life hahaha. Yes, with Ameerul (who else?). Told ya, I'm one loyal freak! Ameerul is still nice. He puts everyone ahead before him, as always. You know, it would have be a thick book if I'd got to write all of nice things he's done to me. I am not bragging but he's really one nice creature that Allah has made for me, so complementary and it fits so well like a puzzle hahaha. (That's why he says I'm good at words, I'm one sweet talker you see).

Damia and Adam are still my closest babies. Since I'm in Egypt now, I will only get the chance to meet them once per year. But they grow up so fast now, Damia has a cellphone already. She Whatsapps me all the time with her pictures, songs and so on hahaha.

Let me tell you about Dolls. They are growing up so so well. Many things happen in this 5 years. So many newborns, so many Dolls Jr. Everyone got married and all. And Mc Ah's baby had an operation for her congenital heart problem, it's really sad. But Baby Zara Humaira grows up so well now, she's really strong. And as for my diploma coursemate, we are still close. Still the same as the old us. I'm really happy about this friendship. And I've made a new circle now with my Egypt sisters, they are younger than me but that's really okay cause I feel younger hahaha.

Oh, shopping! I miss to shop. I haven't really shop for the longest time! Wow, can't believe myself. Cause I have no income right now hahaha I'm going back to become a student, so I only get my monthly allowance from my dad. What a sad thing zzzz. Don't bother to buy shoes anymore cause I couldn't find any of my size here, everything is so large, I'm miserable. Plus, collecting shoes now is a bad idea, cause Egypt gets so dusty and I love my shoes, so that's it. Handbag? Nayy. I'm a student now. Backpack is fine for me. Clothes? Nayy. Cairo is far. And everything gets expensive due to Egypt's currency. I used to collect MNG shirts and Charles & Keith handbags before. But any of international brands here are double charged to what they be in Malaysia due to the currency. I remember I really want this Charles & Keith handbag but it costed 600LE, nahh forget it I felt like giving away 6 pieces of 100LE notes, compared to what they'd be in Malaysia (just giving away 2 or 3 pieces of RM100 notes haha), so never mind hahaha. But H&M is tolerable.

So, I only shop in Malaysia when I get back there during summer break.

Well, I may progress slowly, it's fine as long as I put an effort to make myself better. Well, of course life isn't always be easy. But I'm thankful I got everyone around me through my every moments. I'm one happy girl woman.

Thanks to those who stay. I sound like an old lady now and I hate it. I'm still young! *applying anti-aging cream*


Not mine, obviously haha. Just me in 2016.

The Future You.

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