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Monday, June 13, 2016

who are you?

Ameerul has this annoying habit of answering my phone call like, "Yes, who are you?". Like seriously?

Hahaha sounds so funny, but actually not. Once or twice is okay, but all the time, hmm it gets pretty irritating too especially if I'm not in the right mood. #moodswing

But sometimes I play along with his jokes, so one time I said to him, "This is your future wife speaking".

Then he replied, "Emm, you mean my first wife?"

Me, "Whoa, you think that's funny?"

Him, "Ala, chill la. Hahahaha"

He always thinks he's funny, which in fact I'm funnier.

So I made the same jokes on him. When he answered my phone call, I asked him "Yes, who is this speaking?"

Then he replied, "This is Ameerul Ashraf, the guy who is so in love with you".


But I played it cool. So I said, "Yeah I know that, tell me something that I don't know.

Him, "I love you even though you are fat".

Me, "Omagod fat boy, get yourself a mirror".

You see, I'll never win. Which I really don't like this.

Haha okay, it has been 6 years now with this guy. And our relationship isn't that kind of sweet, lovey-dovey one anymore (I mean not all the time). We are turning into this playful pairs who tease each other with hurtful words, and if you hurt, you lose. Then we would coax each other but the cycle repeats again. We become the laugh stocks of each other. If I did something embarrassing, he would go all month teasing me over that. If he said some wrong facts, of course I would do the same.

We spent couple of hours on the phone call the other day just talking about this relationship that just turned 6 years of being together and pondering about we never thought of doing this this far. 6 years of just so many things we've spent together. Each ups and downs. Each of everything.

But we still go "Yes, who is this speaking?"


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