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Saturday, July 2, 2016

forth year

The end of my forth year! 

(Still have one year left).

When I sat for my last paper this semester, Phytotheraphy, I said to myself that I was gonna make it good. Let me ended this semester with a good one. Because the rest of 7 exams that I needed to take, they were all just fine, no too great but not too bad. I'm not sure if I did well or not, I just tawakkal and moved on. The worst feeling ever among all semesters.

I realized that this semester was the hardest among all since the first few weeks - already! Even before this, when I took General Immunology and Microbiology paper (the black sheep exam paper), it wasn't this hard.

Clinical year is no joke. 

I didn't really stressed out throughout my studies life here, except with this semester. I stared on the blank wall for a long time thinking what was I gonna do with the low carry mark for Clinical Biochemistry. I cried a little bit thinking about how hard Clinical Pharmacy final exam questions will be under Dr Amru supervision hahaha. Don't get me started on Drug Interactions. Well, I had a lot of useless thoughts! 

I was a little discouraged too this time. I wasn't as enthusiastic as before. Which I also pondered about what actually I was struggling in. I couldn't focus as before, which I made a conclusion that this may be the time when I was in the lowest level of all my study phases.

I convinced myself that nothing gets easier. Of course, I need to work harder. And I tried. 

Everything will be just okay, right? 

And on another note, I need to postpone my summer break in Malaysia this year, due to some hospital training in Egypt which I am not really happy about haha but we have no choice but to just carry on.

So, all the best? Hahaha thanks but no thanks!

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