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Friday, July 8, 2016

ramadan 2016

Done. Alhamdulillah.

Everything was so smooth. It's my first time ever to spend the whole Ramadan in Egypt and it wasn't all that bad. First three weeks of Ramadan were great. Despite of having final exams and all, I still managed to juggle them all. Forth week, I got all tired and exhausted. Maybe because I got all the exams done, I just wanted to relieve myself. I slept a lot. I have no appetite at all. Even after 16 hours of fasting and I was fine with having a glass of water for a break fast. #skeletoninthemaking

So, I'm on a multivitamin supplement therapy now to make everything balance back.

I told you guys before how amazing Ramadan here was. It turned to be extra amazing this year when we got a lot of free iftar invitation outside haha. Of course we loved it, even though it was all Egyptian foods (some that I couldn't really eat - plus I am not really a big eater) but the idea of having it free was just great hahaha.

We got a few iftar invitations from the campus, from our Dean, from our beloved Pharmacology lecturers, from Dr Afaf (Pharmacognosy lecturer who gives us free iftar every year without fail!).

And we had this one uncle living in the same neighborhood as us who cook for us EVERYDAY! So every evening before an iftar, he would gave us loads of foods with so many side dishes, fruits, juice and all. Crazyyy. We were so happy actually and we're just so excited to see what's coming on to us on the day. 

After a month of eating Egyptian cuisine, I am now totally look like an Egyptian already haha.

I know! I missed Malaysian foods so so so much. Sometimes we cook another Malaysian side dishes too, cause the stomach just kind of missed the chilli paste. Sigh. You really have no idea how much I missed those Malay foods. *cries* *reminds myself it's only a few months left*

Okay, done talking about food hahaha.

I told you before about my Ramadan goals. Alhamdulillah, I'm really happy to get all that fulfilled. I mean not 100%, I still feel like I'm lacking here and there. 

We managed to khatam the whole Quran and even made a small khatam Quran ceremony hehehe. I missed terawikh prayers too sometimes, but usually we all would prayed terawikh together at the living room. And sometimes just by myself. 

On the last day of Ramadan, I thought to myself about how happy I was to celebrate Ramadan this time and it was so meaningful. I learned a lot too! And my health just amazingly cooperate haha alhamdulillah.

My last Ramadan as a single lady, by the way. I'm happy I made it this way. May Allah bless us all. 

Eid post coming up!

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