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Monday, July 18, 2016

yellow me

Everyone knows I like yellow. Sometimes go for red too, if I'm suddenly feeling sexy hahaha anyway for the raya outfit the other day, this one uncle in my neighbourhood custom-made them for me so I could wear them for my raya. Yes, it's yellow.

Short sad story here. I ordered a few outfits in Malaysia with this Chinese aunt last year so that I could wear them this raya when I come back there, but little did I know I needed to spend the Eid here, ahhh bad bad planning ever. But still gotta have new outfits, so I made two here. The upside is that now I got a lot of traditional outfits hahaha.

But of course it's gonna be hard explaining to the Egyptian uncle about how you want your outfits to be. How do you expect him to understand kain kipas belakang or kain batik depan or the hardest kebaya nyonya hahaha. So I just made simple ones here and kept missing the raya outfits in Malaysia that I won't be able to wear (especially the emerald green one, I missed you).

I really like the fabric material for this one. Just a cotton but comfortable.

Mom said it looked beautiful, all moms are gonna say the same thing by the way hahaha.

Ameerul said I looked stunning. Okay. Maybe because it's an Eid and he just wanted to make me feel good.

But something strange happened. He kept saying the same thing all over again. I thought, okay maybe he should stop trying to make me feel better here. Hahaha. He insisted it's true that I looked so good the other day. He loved everything about me (and the outfit). The yellow colour suited me, it made me looked gorgeous and elevated my inner beauty bla bla bla hahaha, what he said.

Okay, okay. I got it now. That you loved to see me like that.

The next morning, I got a text message from him, "I still can't move on on how beautiful you were yesterday".

Okay, wow. Can he be like this everyday, please? *prays hard*

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