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Sunday, July 17, 2016

eid 2016

Selamat Hari Raya. Maaf Zahir & Batin!

My first eid in Egypt, ever! So many new things happened and I learned a lot from this. And it was so so fun actually.

The night of 1st Syawal, we all gathered at the Malaysian Hall for a free iftar (simply because it's free haha), and for Eid takbir. It reminded me of home, seriously. Cause that's what I usually listen to at the night of Syawal at home, so I had to play tough here. But it wasn't bad after all.

We didn't prepare much for the 1st Syawal. Except for the new outfit, that I once told you before about this one uncle who sews so well and I am his regular customer for the three consecutive years already. For the meal, nayy. Cause we got a lot of open house invitations which was so happy of me haha.

Earlier at the morning:

We slept quite late at 3 am cause Fajr got early now that we spent the night by preparing for our outfits and just enjoying raya songs. It was quite different this time that I wasn't really busy at the night of 1st Syawal, because usually in Malaysia, my mom and I would basically just sleeping in the kitchen hahaha kidding but sort of true. I need to make sure that everyone gets their outfits neat and arranged, I clean up the whole house, rearrange few stuffs in the house and I have to do so many more chores!

It gets different this year, I was one happy free kid. Hahaha.

Since Fajr was early, our Eid prayer started at 530 am. We got ready at 5am to rush for a prayer. All set up and happy. I managed to make a video call to my family in Malaysia to maaf zahir batin everyone and of course asking for duit raya hahaha. Quite disappointed when my duit raya was being postponed till next year.

Still got ones from dad and fiance by the way (happy kid I am).

Eid here was quite fun actually, when we had to do everything by ourselves, it's totally a new experience for me.

Syawal 1st to 6th were fulfilled by open house invitations. We held one on 5th Syawal. Gonna blog about that real soon.

Anyways, Eid Mubarak everybody. May Allah accepts our good deeds. I apologize to everyone if I ever hurt you intentionally/unintentionally. Let this Eid makes us a better person than before.

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