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Tuesday, July 5, 2016

semester 8 exam results

So fast, right? Exams results are always been announced real fast, like a week/two weeks after final exams finish. And now it's only 6 days ago that I just finished with my last paper, Phytotherapy. That my study desk is still stacked up with Phytotherapy notes haha. I haven't start to clean up all this semester's notes yet. Everybody at the campus must be so rushing for an Eid, right haha.

I was so busy just now rolling my sleeves up making biskut raya (honey cornflakes one is the tastiest, no kidding), then rushing for an iftar with the housemates. We made a joint iftar today with the other friends too, we made nasi tomato and suddenly our class WhatsApp's group beeped a message "The results are out, can check at the website".

My ayam sambal suddenly felt so hard to be swallowed.

"You guys check yours?"

"No, after iftar. Don't wanna spoil the appetite".


So after iftar and maghrib prayer, I sat down on my bed holding the cellphone tightly, half nervous half curious. I keyed in my student number and password slowly, looking for a column labelled Natijah (Result).


Okay of course, I'm not gonna announce my results here hahaha, only a few people got to know.

Most importantly, I passed all the papers! Alhamdulillah, so thankful. I still maintain my CGPA above 3. But of course, still having a regret as always, like, "Oh, maybe I should do better next time" or "Awwh, this paper, a little more effort might make my grade look cooler on paper".


And a few marks like in Medicinal Chemistry which got me 84/100 (B+). I'm not quite satisfied, cause why I can't get 85! 85 is A-. Only 1 mark, guys. Only 1 mark to get an A. But you know, the old Qistina would go all bad mood and depressed. But the new me just be like, "It's fine. It's all rezeki. Let's be thankful".

And all the worries (which I wrote in the previous post) were just washed away!

But at this rate, I really need to work harder next year to make this 3 pointer looks promising.

I only have 2 semesters left.

Now, I don't really have anything more to wish, just maybe, be a little bit more hardworking next time, okay Qistina? Hahaha.

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