Alya Qistina

Thursday, July 28, 2016


"You know people are crazy about Pokemon Go right now" - Ameerul said.

"I know".

"So, you know Snorlax? Look exactly like you".

Me, "Really? How does it look like? Cute, cute rite? Hehe"

"Search yourself. Then you'll know".


You know someone who never follow any cartoon wouldn't have any idea about these kind of thing. I'd never watched Pokemon. I know nothing about Sailormoon. And so on. Hahaha. #noob

The image of Snorlax appeared. Yeah, as expected. He looks kinda fat. Ameerul will always come out with hateful nicknames for me. I used to them already, don't worry hahaha. So yes, now I know it, Snorlax is chubby. And he looks lazy to my eyes.

So I responded, "Yeah, what's wrong with him?"

Ameerul, "So chubby right? Just like you. And he really likes to sleep. Exactly like you".


The whole conversation was just to make fun of me. He thinks it's funny to see me mad. He likes it when I get annoyed by his jokes.

Oh, I really wish I was Snorlax. So that I can just crash him with my big body. Hahaha I'm sorry Snorlax, he wants to make fun of me, not you.

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