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Friday, August 5, 2016

2 days 1 night in Alexandria

Just a very short trip to Alexandria with my Egypt sisters during Sham el-Naseem break.

It took 4 hours to Alex from Zagazig by road, my motion sickness got me sleeping throughout the journey after I took a pill and just to find myself wake up several times sweating. It's early summer at that time by the way. It's really hot - my face burnt. I had weeks-long episodes of not knowing myself hahaha. (After the trip, we all had nights of face masking to get rid of the sunburned face - totally discouraged haha)

I'd been there twice before, all with different people. And my recent trip to Alex was with my classmates and it was all 9 of us.

Day 1

So we started the journey early in the morning (couldn't get ready properly cause my neighborhood suddenly blacked out zzz) and they all had an egg and falafel wrapped by a pita bread as breakfast. 

In Alex, we fully traveled by public transports, except to a few first places we rented a van with the help of this one friendly Egyptian. And entered every places with the discount from our student cards. So here's the tip: Bring along your student card (though not from any local universities, and claim you're Malaysian. Cause people here treat Malaysians really nice haha)

Okay, at around 1130 am, our first stop was Pompey's Pillar (Amoud Al Sawari). I was kinda hypo at this time, cause I didn't eat my breakfast yet (didn't feel like eating so early in the morning) and I was still under the influence of my motion sickness med. Plus it' really hot there, I can't really focused. But we just gotta do what we gotta do; selfies (just girls doing what girls gotta do hahaha). And at the end, I just sat there quietly sharing my breakfast with a cat while the other were happily playing tourist around the area. 

You can read more about Pompey's Pillar online (Hi Rab the history lover hahaha)

Alright, next was Roman Theater (Masrah Rumany). Read more about Roman Theater here.

Lunch time at this one seafood restaurant near to Qaitbay Citadel. What's Alex without seafood, right. I was getting myself back - so energetic now, so alive hahaha. And we walked to Qaitbay after lunch. Shela and I had been here before with our families, so while the other entered inside, we sat there by the sea taking as much pictures as we wanted, talking to some random Egyptians, watching some people on the boats got hit by crazy waves, just enjoying a very nice breeze. 

Second tip: always check the availability of the places you wish to visit cause Qaitbay closes early on Friday so the other girls were mad that they couldn't get enough pictures hahaha and the guard just chased them out hahahah. 

It was still so hot but the breeze really helped. We really didn't feel like going to the next place. Just wanna sit there all day. More about Qaitbay Citadel here.

And spending some sunset watching at the Stanley Bridge which was so nice to get to see people just chilling an evening air with the loved ones, fishing and all. Then, moved to our home stay which operated by some Malaysians who was living there with a nice rates and facilities. At night, all of them going out to the mall to find some foods leaving me, Shela and Aifaa at home cause we were too lazy to go out. So we played Uno instead. They came back with food, some groceries and Uno game continued until midnight hahaha.

#themyth If you travel to this Stanley Bridge with your loved ones, there's a high chance that you will be together with him/her for forever. Awww hahaha.

Day 2

They woke up earlyyyyyy in the morning and had a few rounds of Uno games (at 5 am, seriously you people? Crazy haha), I was the last one to wake up to find Syaza cooked instant noodles for breakfast. Everybody got ready to Maamoura Beach.

The beaches here are clean, cause they treat them like a private one. Most of them need an entrance fee. We just had a productive morning by cycling hahaha. And brunch at the nearest restaurant.

We got home to check out and heading directly to The Library of Alexandria. That was my third time there. Having fun this time with the pharmacist-to-be at the Pharmacy books section, dreaming about becoming the book worm (which is never hahaha).

And so, we got back to Zagazig.

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