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Wednesday, August 10, 2016

squat challenge

I need to get in shape, I think. I'm too skinny, everybody knows that. It's not that I don't have a body shape, it's just not shaped enough. The only thing that contribute to my body shape is the bloody estrogen which giving me my feminine characters haha thank god. Apart from that, nayyy. I'm no exercise junkie. I'm never gonna be your gym buddy. And the only exercise I do is walking 15 minutes to school.

(I'm so gonna be one sick grandma at this rate)

But I used to make a stretching every morning after I woke up. Because I wanted to make my muscle flexible. I wanted to spread my legs like the gymnastics people did. Hahaha. Wani, my friend witnessed this everyday and shook head seeing how I rolled from one side of room to another side. She said I was crazy when she had to see me trying to do my failed backflips hahaha. But it was years before, now I'm back to my non-exercise routine.

So I've decided to start with a small and flexible exercise at home. I'm doing my one-month squat challenge now which I've started to like doing it. It's so easy and I can do it at home. Anytime. Even in the middle of watching Harry Potter.

But the downside of starting any heavy (this is heavy for me haha) exercise is that the muscle pain you got. It's disturbing. My muscle who had rested for so long has to work hard now. Poor dear muscle but this is for your own good okay.

The first few days was the nightmare. And even now, I can't really walk properly. I can't still straighten my legs. Can't even sitting properly on the toilet bowl. Getting down from the bed is already require me a lot of energy. And of course to make it more dramatic I would yell "Ahhh". Hahaha. Sometimes I would just laugh cause it's too painful. It's too funny, but you have no choice.

And sometimes I would just stare at my thighs wondering how much they suffered inside hahaha.

I need to continue this. Wouldn't be like the old Qistina who would probably stop just because it's painful. But I swear, it's painful.

But it got me a little addicted inside. I want to keep doing it. One time, when I sat on my toilet bowl I thought about how beneficial it was to exercise and probably this was going to be a starter to my exercise routine. Yeah, should start with a simpler one first, then I thought of doing yoga/pilates after this, consistently.

#dream #notsureifitsgonnabefulfilledornot hahaha

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