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Tuesday, August 23, 2016


Right. I'm engaged. On 21 August 2015.

I'd never thought that I would coming back to Malaysia last summer break for an engagement of mine!

I mean, of course I realize I'll be graduating on 2017 (which means 27 year-really-old Qistina haha), like come on, I think I've told you that I dreamed of a wedding at a young age, simply because I wanted to see my children grow up. But I have to wait for me to graduate first.

But I know thing isn't going so well on me that I have no choice but to wait until I'm 27. And my partner (Ameerul) is also 27.

It happened when my dad kept asking me “How about you getting married next year?”. I said nothing. Sometimes I just nodded. Because he repeatedly asking the same question to me. Or sometimes it went like, “Have you tell Ameerul about you guys are getting married next year? Or “You’re going to graduate with a degree and a grandchild for me”.

I don’t know if I have to agree or not with this, cause I’d never plan anything ahead regarding a wedding in the nearest time except after my graduation. Okay, actually I started this first hahaha I joked around telling him that how about next year would be my turn to get married. I’d never know dad would take this seriously. I believe this is a huge decision of his life; I know I’m his favorite child, so obvious. *smirk*

So I told Ameerul about this, then Ameerul conveyed this message to his parents few days after that, surprisingly his mom responded, “Okay we are going to Kelantan next week to merisik”.


His mom always had this intention to make this relationship official between me and his son. Not necessary to engage or get married or something. Just parents-parents kind of thing with a ring and all – basically to agree that our kids are seeing each other, let’s make it official for them. She told me every time we met, I noticed. But everything is up to my dad. If he agrees, then I agree. Right, must be so hard letting go his first precious daughter.

Plus our families know about us and Ameerul has met our family several times and so do I. We’ve been together for more than 6 years now. He’d been there in every moments of my life; graduation, working, departure for my degree, wedding of my family members and all.

And me, personally I’m still so surprise. It happens so fast.

Truthfully, Ameerul and I hadn’t involved much in this. His dad called my dad to discuss about this. My mom with his mom. Me and Ameerul were more like mannequins here, all that we said was, “Are we dreaming?” “This ceremony is about us, right?” – to double check with each other hahaha.

So in a week, both families were prepared for this merisik thingy. His mom texted me that she’s going to find a ring for me and asked me about what kind of ring that I wanted. I said, anything. I don’t mind. I was going to love whatever she has chosen, I said. So the ring was a surprise, I didn’t get to see the ring till the merisik day.

We didn’t prepare a ring for Ameerul, cause it’s only merisik.

And then on 21st August's morning,

His family including Ameerul arrived and my other relatives started to gather at my house, they were eating, chatting, resting (cause they came all the way from Seremban via early morning flight). Then the real ceremony started after Jumaat prayer.

Me? I was more like a headless chicken. Been here and there, serving foods, most of the time doing dishes, serving foods again. You know, things your mother-in-law would probably look into every daughter-in-law hahaha.

They seemed to have a very relaxing discussion at the living hall, I heard people laugh sometimes, I could hear his father muttering some words cause he’s being the spokesperson for the ceremony then my aunt asked me to join them. I crouch down there politely and suddenly I became the center of attention, my aunt whispered “They wanna know if you’re already taken?”

“What?!” – I said in my heart.

This is funny okay. You know I’m always a drama queen but this is beyond my ability, in front of my own family members some more hahaha. So I said half shyly while spontaneously covering my face with a shawl that I wore, “Not yet”.

And all the uncles there cheered in a high pitched voice and laughed (to celebrate me for still being single – at 25 year old I would add hahaha).

They discussed a few things more then the only thing I knew was his mum giving me a ring. It was beautiful, I swear. Love at the first sight!

Then, we sat on a long chair, his mom shoved the ring gently into one of my fingers. People surrounded us to take good pictures of us. I couldn’t describe the feeling. Felt like dreaming. It’s true because I’d never imagine to come back to Malaysia for my summer break to finally engaged. We didn’t plan anything!

I thought we agreed on having an engagement next year, just a couple of hours before solemnization. But my dad wanted to make things easy for everyone, “Let’s just consider this as engagement. We want to make things simpler”, he said.

"Like really dad? You like him that much?" - I said to myself.

No, actually, dad wanted to make things simpler. Less is more. (Dad's first law)

But everyone agreed, to my surprise.

Yes, I was surprised.

Because, 1) If I knew this would be an engagement, I swear I would dress nicely. 2) I would definitely dress nicely! 3) I hate the outfit that I wore on that day. Sometimes, I wonder just how stupid I can be? Hahaha.

But I know Ameerul was so relieved. Speaking of him, he was there. He was joining the conversation all along and acting like a matured man. He barely looking at me (he insisted he played a professional here, but I think he was playing safe) and we didn’t really talk to each other.

Truthfully, I didn’t really know every bits of matters of discussion cause I barely presented there. I knew this from Ameerul, who sat next to his father and once everyone agreed with the decision, he shook everyone’s hands.

“Right. My fiancĂ©”, I said to myself.

We send them back to the airport for a late night flight back to Kuala Lumpur.

I came back to home, lying down on my bed, just staring at my ring.

Still felt like a dream.

Then I said to myself, "Wait, I'm getting married next year? I haven't get my teeth done yet! Omagod!"

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