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Tuesday, August 30, 2016

braces update

When I told my dentist that I’m getting married this summer break, he paused for a few minutes, pouting his lips, his hand on chin while staring deeply into his clinic wall, he continued “I don’t think we can get your teeth done before that”.

I know it! “Told ya already but you still procrastinating!” – I said in my heart.

Okay, keep calm Qissy. You are just a patient, not a dentist! Hahaha.

Anyway, it wasn’t a surprise. I’ve expected it to be like this and I’m ready to just carry these metals along with me on the pelamin.

All that he did was fixing my braces tightly, because I will be away from him for 2 months. And of course, the colour of my rubber!

That was tough. But thank god Dr Ahmed wasn’t like any other typical man who would just simply give up with the women being all fussy about the colours.

When he put the wire over my teeth, I noticed he tried to take a pink rubber to seal the wire. I was freak out! Cause it wasn’t a normal pink guys, it was a bright pink. Very bright. I hate to admit, my teeth are slightly yellowish now since I’m wearing braces for almost a year already. So, naah. Bright pink rubber and off white teeth = contraindicated!

When he tried to put the pink rubber, I was kinda afraid to say no. I wasn’t that friendly with Dr Ahmed. He’s my new orthodontist by the way. My former one was Dr Mahmoud – wonder where he went. But this is my future, I said in my heart. This pink colour will stay forever in my wedding pictures.

I tried to be brave, with my mouth wide open since I still had a long wire lining on my upper teeth waiting to be sealed with that rubbers, I raised my hand and waved it, “La’a”. It means no in Arabic.

He looked confused. I added, “I don’t want pink. Can I have a dark colour?”

Now he understand. He replied, “Uh oh. You want this?”, showing me bright blue.

“No”, I replied. Oh my god, I didn’t want to be so fussy. But I said, “Maybe maroon?”

“Hahahaha”, he laughed. Oh god, thank god he laughed. It meant we weren’t really in a tense. He’s friendly anyway, he’s not like what I thought about him. Now I liked him, my new orthodontist. How could I ever think of him as a no-fun dentist? Bad me! And now I could be fussy, perhaps? Hahaha.

Then he said, “Alright. I will put all different colours on you and then you can choose”.

See? Isn’t his wife so lucky? Must be so cool having him as a shopping companion. Oh by the way, my old dentist also was so cool too. Dr Mahmoud gave me a box of full of different colour of rubbers for me to choose while he fixed my teeth. Yes on that bloody chair. So u can imagine me lying down on the dental chair, opening my mouth while holding the box up in the air thinking what colour to choose. Lol. Totally understand how to deal with female patients.

So anyway, Dr Ahmed put a black rubber, next to that bright pink and then an orange rubber.  He added, "You don't like pink? I think this pink's nice". Nayy, bad taste you Doctor. Just stay cool there and don't try to choose that pink again - you're gonna lose your coolness. Then he asked his assistant to bring me a mirror for me to see my teeth on that.

Hmmm. So hard, I know. This couldn’t be done in minutes. The image of my wedding dress appeared. Then the pelamin. Oh god. Give me the whole day please? Hahaha #overacting

Alright. “I want this”, showing the emerald green rubbers in the box.

“Hahahaha. This?”. God! He laughed again. Now we’re friends! Hahaha. “Okay”.

So yes, emerald green for my 2-months braces rubber. I like it, it isn’t that obvious but it won’t get stained easily. Plus I couldn’t find any dental clinic here that can fix my braces. So, let’s just play it safe.

Teeth update: My teeth moved. Slightly. Only.


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