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Monday, August 29, 2016

Bridal shower

I sensed something strange was happening around when my cousin, Ina kept texting me even before I touched down to Malaysia from Egypt. She needed the exact date on when I would be free and she said she really needed to see me. Guys, Ina is someone who always has something going on on her mind, she’s like the natural event planner. I knowwww. She did the same during my other cousin’s wedding. And now, it’s my turn.

She would gather all of my friends, I didn’t know since when. But one time, when she called me to ask me about tonight’s dinner, she said, “Can you pass the phone to Ameerul?”. They talked for quite some time then I asked Ameerul, “Are you planning a bridal shower for me?”

Ameerul be like, “Errr.. what’s that? No lah”.

Guys, it meant yes. I know my man.

He never succeeds on making any surprise on me. I always got to know everything ahead.

(He forgot my middle name, FBI)

But I needed to know what’s going to happen tonight. I said to him “I’m not going there tonight.” He said, “But we promised them”.

Okay. I told my Mak again, “Don’t feel like going there tonight”. Mak really had no choice so she spilled all the secrets. Mak and Ameerul warned me to not tell Ina about this hahaha. It was so funny seeing how hard they tried to persuade me to join them. It was so funny. Okay guys, I actually really wanted to go to the dinner. I just teased them okay, but I’d never knew Mak and Ameerul were so afraid until they spilled all the secrets hahaha.

So we promised to meet at 8 pm. I knew Shushy would be there as well. And it was the first time Shushy and the other Dolls met my cousins (Ina and Baby), so you can see now how diligent Ina was haha. Ameerul picked me up at 8.30 pm and he said, “Please don’t let them know that I’ve told you everything”. Babe, he can’t be a special force agent, failed! Haha.

When I reached there, I sneaked through the door for quite some time. And those people just didn’t realize. Oh god, look at them playing with my balloons. Taking my crown and wore it. Posing some selfies with my crown some more. So rude, no self control these people! Hahaha.

I entered the café silently and went straight to the table. Yes, they were all so surprised hahaha. They really had no choice but to just laugh! Failed, you guys. Now you know why I am the real FBI agent hahaha.

I made the entrance again and now we were all seated just to find another surprise for me and Ameerul. Cakes, balloons and all.

We just laughed and laughed until midnight. Shushy slept over at my Mak’s house with me, it was so long since we both catch up with each other’s stories.

That night, it means a lot to me. I'm blessed. :)

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