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Saturday, August 27, 2016

Feverish and flu

A week after I touch down to Malaysia, I feel uneasy. My body aches here and there. My nose is running heavily (yuck). Don’t mention my throat, ahhh so painful. Everything seems so hard to be swallowed. I feel like there’s a huge stone that blocks my throat from everything. Oh yes, don’t forget my best friends, ulcers who suddenly grow everywhere.

My body temperature rises a little bit. I don’t really have the appetite to eat now. Cause the more you eat, the more painful you get. My ulcers really take a long time to heal.

Ulcers are normal for me. But having a fever, hmm… Not really. I don’t usually have flu, fever or cough. That’s why I don’t keep any cold medications. But Panadol is compulsory.

Ameerul is feverish as well now. When I call him, he sounds so ill. I can tell that his nose is so full with snot hahaha. Euww. But that’s how I am too.

He sent me off to the airport the other day on my way back to Kelantan then he said, “We both are really meant for each other right? When I sick, you also sick”.

Hahaha. Oh my god, what kind of a pick u line is this early in the morning?

And Shushy on the other note is so bored now, she keeps texting me everyday telling me to get well again. Cause she’s afraid I may look ugly on my wedding day if I keep being sick like this. She tried to calm me down that it’s normal for the people who wants to get married to be feverish. Really? Is she crazy or is it a true fact? She keeps complaining too that I am so so skinny. I’m struggling now to gain some weight. And it’s really hard!

But it’s really true! I look so ugly now, cause I’m sick. My face is so pale. My lips are dry. I look haggard. Shouldn’t I be glowing right now? Hahaha.

I remember when I needed to catch an early morning flight the other day, I really look bad. I asked Ameerul to get me a face mask. Cause I really felt ugly. I kept sneezing every other minute too! And to make it worst, I needed to sit next to a pregnant lady in the plane. Awhh, I felt so bad she kept clutching her tummy, as if protecting her baby from my germs hahaha. I slept with my shades on, with a tissue on my hand, with a Strepsils in my mouth.

I take Chlorampheniramine (antihistamine – you can get it OTC) for now, which is quite drowsy. I choose the drowsy med, so I can sleep. And now I’m just the ugly-sleepyhead-sick lady.

When will this ends?

*cough* *wipes snots*

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