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Friday, August 12, 2016

summer hospital training

Going back to Malaysia in 2 days wohoo. Of course, I'm all excited. Should've have been feeling this earlier but I told you we all had a hospital training to attend, I postponed my holiday for a month zzz.

When my dad asked me about this, I said, "It's bored. We listened to lectures and seeing patients, that's all". But honestly, I learned a lot of things through this.

So now it's all over. 4 weeks of hospital training had over. And also we'd done with the final presentation. Truth be told, it wasn't all that bad. I had fun, really. Even though I had to go to the hospital everyday seeing the patients, attending the lectures for hours, in the hot summer - to be added. But never mind - it's all ended now. Hahaha.

And so we had a presentation to finish this. Supposedly the presentation would be after we finished with all the training, which means it's gonna be soooo late. We (ie: I) were running out of time! We desperately wanted to end this early, I even spoke to one of the coordinators to make everything so fast. She asked me why? I really have no choice but to answer, "I have to get married in Malaysia this summer break" hahaha.

(My apologize to any Egyptian colleagues who are happen to be reading this. Trust me, we aren't selfish. But we really have to back to Malaysia. We have to book the plane ticket early - so it won't be too expensive. And the time is very limited. Hahaha).

So yeah, she made it early, in the middle of the training. We had one day off of the training just for the presentation. She said "I made this for you. You Malaysian people are always polite". Yes of course, I was flattered. How could I respond to her kindness. Awhh. Bless her.

My team

And then like the usual annual routine, we had a class photo shoot. Everyone agreed to wear all green, so that's the theme of our class portrait for semester 8.

And so, we've done with Year 4 officially. 

See you guys again for Year 5, our final year. Seriously, can't wait to end this.

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