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Wednesday, August 24, 2016

virtual preparation

For wedding receptions, we are all agreed to make one on my side this year, and one on his side next year. I'm truly happy with this decision. Cause it feels like you are getting married twice hahaha regardless with the same person, but never mind, still gonna love him next year though. Lol.

So I'm only focusing on the reception on my side which happen to be on the same day as my solemnization. I thought of making a solemnization at night, so that we could have a lot of free time in the morning to prepare for the reception in the afternoon. But dad says so, so okay. Hahaha.

To be honest, it is a major headache. Not as fun as you girls imagine it to be. Not gonna sugarcoat it - I'm going to be honest here. You got to deal with a lot or organizers just to confirm about a single thing, like henna. And my biggest weakness is that, I want to do everything by myself. Not that kind of a perfectionist or what, but I'd prefer to do it myself, so that I'm satisfied! Not that I don't trust anyone, but yeah I trust myself more hahaha.

Sometimes I would send  lot of pictures about wedding dresses to my girls (Shushy and Syad, mostly) to ask them for their opinion, but really, I have this weakness to not listen/listen too much to what people say and end up being confused.

So, it's tiring. Someday, you just want to forget about all these things and wish that it's possible to hire someone that would think the same way as you do.

But thank god that I'm living in a developing-technology era that things just get easier now. I'm half way done with the preparations, just by WhatsApp. Easy. I'm not usually this simple, but then I realize I really have no choice but to make everything done before I get back to my country, one month before the real ceremony starts!

Which is also another headache.

My mom has this constant worries if we can't get anything ready before the date. Shushy keeps whatsapping me asking for update, she's worried sick.

I know this is not right. Preparing for a wedding is supposed to be fun.

I'm having fun here. Hahaha but I'm feeling the pressure too. Because I'm doing everything here alone, away from the place where I'm gonna get married at.

I talked about this to Ameerul's mom and she's being so positive that she said, "Not everyone go through what we go through. This is a new experience for you. A valuable experience".

She's right.

Who else having a summer training at the hospital watching people seeking for a medical treatment while thinking about the wedding dress that I still have no idea about hahaha.

Just one thing, please make me beautiful on that day, dear Allah.


I'm serious.

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