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Saturday, August 27, 2016

wedding card

As I'm writing you this, I am 60 days prior to my wedding.


Pelamin - checked
Bridesmaids - checked
Photographer - checked
Henna booking - checked
Cake - checked. (Oh, just my sister the bakery girl gonna do it)
Catering & Canopy - mom probably has checked these
Wedding card - just checked

Just checked?! Yea, 2 months before the wedding and I only rushed to look for a card designer, online to be specific. Lol. I had the whole plan in my head already about the card. I want it to be like this, like that, this colour, this design but I just had no time.

So now I'm done with the exams and okay, I surveyed this online. Thank god we have it all online now. Some refused to do it because they are afraid of not getting it done within the given time. I was quite frustrated cause there was this one site who got me all crazy over her designs but she won't take any orders anymore. Arghhh.

Can I just write the invitation on the piece of leaf or something? I'm inviting you guys sincerely okay but no printing company would take me anymore! Hahaha.

(Note to self: Last minute preparation isn't always good)

But thank god, I found another site which having much less the same design as the previous one. She told me to place the orders quickly, yeaaa I understand we are late! Okay, okay.

She works fast. I got the design of my card for my final evaluation in 2 days after I made the order.

All good, so she printed them.

Showed it to Ameerul, he said "Can't believe my name is there, finally (inserting love-eyed emoticon)".

Can't believe it too. You are not alone.

*inserting love-eyed emoticon too*

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