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Friday, August 26, 2016

choosing the date

Whoa I'd never really thought preparing for a wedding would be this huge of a headache. Choosing a date is already painful haha. Because the big issue here is I'm absent in my country, the place where the wedding would take place.

So everybody just have to wait for me to come back, of course. But apparently I am not the main issue here. It seems like everybody wants to go to my wedding, but they are going to get engaged with another things as well and we have to make a slight change on the tentative. Basically, me as a bride, my schedule doesn't really matter here haha.

I received a few request from relatives and friends to choose a proper date so everybody could attend. Well, of course I want everyone to come. Especially those close relatives and friends that are so dear to my life. One problem with me, sometimes I try to fulfill everything that people request from me, when actually I need to focus more on me, myself.

But I loveeeeee these people, I want them to come.

So, my last resort was to let my dad decided. Dad has this power that no one dares to defy. Dad made a discussion with Ameerul's parents and they have set a date! Easy!

Ameerul and I will just go with anything that our parents has decided. Speaking about wedding preparation, Ameerul is a simple guy (or lazy?). He'll just agree with anything, rarely complain, and so fast in running any errands. The only thing that he would disagree is, a pink colour outfit. He trusts my choices, I know! Of course, after I convince him about how good I am as an event planner (which he doesn't really buy but I still want what I've planned haha).

Oh my god. It's a really long journey for us. Even though we'd never had any slightest idea that we would get married this year, I think Allah has made is easy for us and everybody.

Hope this will last forever (despite of how I behave hahaha), In shaa Allah.

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