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Wednesday, August 31, 2016


I don’t really have enough time to travel to all places to deliver my wedding invitation cards, cause you know firstly, I come back home quite late, so I really have to spend my time wisely and secondly, my friends are utterly scattered all over Malaysia! It’s impossible to just go to Penang to hand the card to Irfan then go further to Perlis to see Iffa. I mean, you think I own a private jet or what? Hahaha.

And yes thank god we have Facebook now (Mark Zuckerberg really helps in all way!) that I can just send them the invitation online. How easy the life is! But since they’ve limited the number of guests, now up to 500 guests only zzz, so I need to go through all my friends properly and select the suitable ones.

Mark needs to understand, we Malay people just need to invite all the friends as a sign of a common courtesy. Of course, not everyone could come. They may have their own priority, but dear Mark, we just gotta invite them okay.

So I thought I made a perfect decision, until…

Two goons appeared.

Shushy commented on the invitation page wall saying she couldn’t come. While inserting her ‘emotion’ as sad, she said she’s too getting married on the same day as mine.

Guys, she’s totally single and not interested in marriage, until now. She’s really bored and tried being playful here. I played along, of course.

I said, “Yeah, feel sad too. It’s okay, we can exchange the door gifts later”.

Then another goon, Syad came. She added, “Me too. Not sure if I could come. We’ll see”.


Ladies and gentlemen, those goons are happened to be my bridesmaids. And they always think they’re funny – which I don’t get them sometimes.

But for sure, these people surely had so much time.

Oh yes, I had some leisure time too, so I said, “ Don’t come you people, not gonna be enough rice”.

So now, I am their goon.


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