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Friday, September 2, 2016

solemnization dress

What's so hard to decide about is the colour. All colours are pretty.

I wanted it to be soft yellow, then I thought off white would be nice as well. Then, why not beige?

Ameerul was simple, "I don't really mind, as long as it's not pink". Must be easy being a man.

One morning in last November, his mom sent me a few pictures of a beautiful lacey fabric, she said, "Cantik tak?"

Yes, so cantik. I fell in love with them, I thought to myself that it would have been really nice if I could get that. But I was in Egypt and it's so far away from me, how could I asked her to help me buy that.

But she said, "I already bought them for you two. It's peach."

OH MY GOD. So happpyyyyy!

Hahaha. I instantly imagined how Ameerul would act. Cause I knew he wouldn't agree with this colour. But one thing for sure, he would agree with anything that his parents has decided. Anything.

I asked, "Did Ashraf know about this?"

Her mom said, "No, you tell him".

Hahaha yes. I can't wait. I forwarded him the pictures and asked, "Cantik tak?"

He said, "Cantik sangat sayang".

The climax, "Kan? Your mom already bought them for us. It's in peach".



Then he started to speak, "Why? Why it's peach? I don't want peach."

Me, "I thought u said you are fine with anything except pink."

Him, "Yaaa, pink. And peach".

Lol. So fun seeing him suffer like this.

I said, "So maybe the moral value here is, always get yourself involve with the preparation. Don't just say, I'm fine with anything. Hehehe".

He replied, " Ahhhhh, how now?".


Can't stop laughing for 2 days. 

We'll still go with peach. And he started to accept the fact that we would be in peach. So jambu, right? I can't wait.

But now, another headache, what design should I choose? All are pretty, I'm confused.

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